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Why use Custom-Crete?

Since 1971, Custom-Crete has been using volumetric mixers to produce high-quality concrete for a wide variety of applications. Starting with six employees and three mobile units, we have grown to be a leading company with 200 employees and more than 55 volumetric mixers. Our growth has come from our ability to provide profitable concrete solutions to concrete professionals.

The volumetric mixer is a concrete plant on wheels. Concrete is made to customer specifications right on the job site. The concrete is always fresh, allowing it to reach its full specified strength. Also, since concrete is made only as needed, we can service small jobs or large ones, day or night, near or far. Customers pay only for what is used, not for what is ordered. This can result in an immediate savings of 10% for most projects.

We can do standard mixes like regular ready mix, but we also offer a wide range of other products that allow us to serve niche markets in a way that can save our customers money. We can send one truck to do one patio, or we can set up portable silos and loaders on your job site and pour your whole development. Each day Custom-Crete is able to create a concrete solution for customers that helps increase their bottom line. Some of the key features that allow this are:

The concrete is always fresh
Since the concrete is made on the spot, the water/cement ratio is exact. There is never a need to add water to old mix. This means the concrete can achieve its peak strength.
Variable job sizes
The volumetric mixer can handle any size job. It is perfect for small jobs, since it produces only the amount required. Large jobs can be handled easily by having multiple trucks on site.
Multiple mixes and multiple slumps
If the job requires different mixes, that’s no problem. Each is made as needed. Slump can change as well. The mix can go from wet to dry and back to wet again.
Road repair flexibility
Street closures are expensive. Custom-Crete offers a range of rapid-setting products that get a road open quickly. The volumetric mixer makes night work more efficient, requiring only one man and the truck, not a plant, driver and batch man.
Environmentally friendly
If you don’t need it, we don’t make it. There’s no waste. For example, a concrete producer manufactures 250,000 yards of concrete per year. During that time, customers may order an additional 10% to cover their potential needs. This would translate into 25,000 yards of wasted concrete. Since we produce only what is used, volumetric mixer production would mean that the 25,000 extra yards would never be made. This means that 11,750,000 pounds of cement, 82,500,000 pounds of sand and stone, and 675,000 gallons of precious water would be saved.
Remote job sites
When we set up on site, there is no travel time for Custom-Crete concrete. No matter how far away the job site, we can set up a portable loading area and have the concrete made fresh at your convenience. Crews are never standing around waiting for a truck to arrive, and production is tailored to your needs.

The volumetric mixer gives our customers incredible flexibility. No matter the niche, let us find the solution.

Our drivers are fully trained and experienced. Our trucks are maintained and calibrated for the highest quality control.

Custom-Crete has been built on the premise that there is always a way to get the job done. We have created products and techniques that allow us to efficiently supply what is needed in situations in which others cannot do it economically. Our attitude is strictly “can do.”





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