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Performance Mix provides you with the exact strength of concrete you need in an economical fashion with great flexibility. Custom-Crete Performance Mix allows you to specify the strength of the concrete used in your project, providing precision that a traditional “sack mix” can’t offer. Also, with the volumetric mixer, you can utilize Performance Mix on any size pour, at any time, anywhere you need.

Performance Mixes save you money. Each project is built around the individual customer need, providing only the amount needed when it is needed. It’s always fresh, allowing efficient workability and the ability to achieve peak strength.

We offer variable mix and slump, small pours and prompt service. Whether you need 3000 PSI for a residential application or 4000 PSI for roads or commercial projects, Performance Mix is the concrete solution.

. Made to your exact strength specifications
. Any size pour
. Great flexibility
. Exact amounts
. Always poured fresh

Custom-Crete provides me with dependable and reliable service for the mix design we send them. The drivers are also knowledgeable and very helpful.” – Craig Pool – Pitts Construction – Austin, TX




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