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Lightweight Concrete, weighing from 100 to 115 pounds per cubic foot, weighs up to one-third less than traditional concrete and is frequently used in the upper elevations of buildings, apartment patio decks and other projects in which weight is a consideration. Lightweight concrete reduces the dead load of concrete structures, allowing the designer to reduce the size of columns, footings and other load-bearing elements. This weight reduction allows for smaller foundation requirements and lessens the need for structural steel. This concrete also has good fire resistance and insulation properties.

Even though the concrete is lighter, mixes can be designed to achieve strength similar to normal-weight concrete.

Usually the slightly higher costs of lightweight concrete can be offset by the reduced size of structural elements and a lower need for structural steel.

Custom-Crete can design mixes with a density and strength that will be cost-effective for your project.

Lightweight Concrete and the Volumetric Mixer:

  • Volumetric mixers provide the exact combination of ingredients to meet your specifications.
  • It’s critical that lightweight concrete is fresh to ensure optimum strength.
  • Concrete from volumetric mixers never requires added water.




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