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Custom-Crete: Our Trucks

Custom-Crete has been producing quality concrete with volumetric mixers since 1971.
our-trucksOver the past thirty years we have produced concrete for every type of concrete application; from a new porch to high performance bridge repairs for the Department of Transportation. To ensure proper operation and high quality concrete, volumetric mixers must be properly maintained and calibrated. Custom Crete’s long history in the volumetric mixer business ensures that both issues are pursued to the highest levels.

Guidance for calibrating and quality control points for our mixers is outlined by our in house Quality Control Manual. In addition, our trucks operate under the ASTM C-685 standard for volumetric mixers as well as ACI’s 304.6R-91 specification. Each mobile is also certified and plated by the Volumetric Mixer Manufacturer’s Bureau. For more information on the specifications and standards, please visit:

Before selecting your specialty concrete producer, ask to visit their facilities to discuss maintenance and quality control.

Once the truck is calibrated, the basic operation is straight forward. Each of the necessary ingredients are contained in separate bins and are measured volumetrically. The ingredients are combined in the mixing auger and thoroughly mixed as it travels up the auger to the discharge chutes. Our trucks are also outfitted with multiple admixture tanks and can produce any mix that your job may require. In addition to a standard 3000 psi concrete, a number of other standard and specialty mixes can be produced by Custom Crete. Contact your local Custom Crete office for any questions regarding the mix you need.


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